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5 deadly sins for which companies reap their just reward: data breaches

By Morey Haber I love statistics. They are a valuable commodity in a discussion to formalize a point and validate your position. Many times, others will question the source, accuracy, or even meaning of a statistic to skew the results in their favor. In addition, a statistic taken out of context, or viewed on its […]

PODCAST: Cyber forensic technology helps law enforcement keep terrorists in check

By Byron V. Acohido For every horrific act of terrorism that gets carried out there are very likely dozens of plots that get thwarted by authorities using leading-edge cyber forensics tools to track malicious threat actors as that they communicate and transact across the Internet. Nuix is a Sydney, Australia-based company that supplies a well-established […]

PODCAST: Core Security makes the case for penetration testing as an essential layer of defending networks

By Byron V. Acohido The Equifax debacle has a lot to teach us about how – and how not to – handle a data breach. The massive breach resulted in hackers accessing the social security numbers, birth dates, home addresses and driving license numbers for up to 143 million Americans and the credit card numbers […]

GUEST ESSAY: Trump’s Cybersecurity Executive Order is Only a Start

By Robert Ackerman Jr. President Trump last May signed a cybersecurity executive order (EO) outlining plans to improve data security for federal agencies and to better protect critical U.S. infrastructure. I view it as a call to action, more than past administrations have done. This alone makes it worthwhile. But it’s just a start. Much  […]

PODCAST: Does the iPhone’s facial recognition technology go too far ?

By Byron V. Acohido The release of the new iPhone X (don’t call it ‘X,’ say ‘ten’or iPhone X), with its facial identification activation feature, has sparked interest in the latest developments in biometric security. I spoke with Corey Nachreiner, chief technology officer of WatchGuard Technology, about the advantages – and risks – involved in […]

ROUNDTABLE: The implications of Deloitte data breach, especially following hacks of Equifax, SEC

By Byron V. Acohido The astonishing rash of disclosures of data breaches at top-tier organizations continues. Big Four accounting firm Deloitte has joined Equifax and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in going public about a catastrophic loss of sensitive data. Ironically, Deloitte a few years ago branched from its core auditing and tax services […]

PODCAST: Startup FFRI unveils high-flying approach to detecting leading-edge malware

By Byron V. Acohido Over the past 10 years or so, machine learning has come to dominate our digital lives. Commercial entities crunch mountains of data, leveraging “intelligent” mathematical algorithms at a furious pace. Much of this is done as part of the massively profitable endeavor of shaping consumer preferences and behaviors—to a degree unimagined by the best-and-brightest sci-fi […]