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A roadmap for triaging Heartbleed exposures

By Byron Acohido, Last Watchdog The acute notoriety of Heartbleed is a good thing in this sense: it ought to compel CIOs and CISOs to drill down on developing a roadmap for dealing with exposures that could run very deep. The most worrisome aspect of Heartbleed arguably is the fact that  this gaping security hole […]

Q&A: Why FireEye alerts failed to stop Target hackers

By Byron Acohido, Last Watchdog KINGSTON, Wash. – Target paid good money to install FireEye’s malware detection technology last year. FireEye caught the bad guys already inside Target’s network. Alerts were issued – but ignored, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. Were the tools oversold or poorly implemented? Or was dysfunction in Target management more to blame? […]

What IT buyers should know about encryption

By Byron Acohido, Last Watchdog SEATTLE — Some 44 percent of consumers don’t bother to set a password to restrict access to their home laptop or desktop computers, and only 14 percent use any sort of encyrption service. Those findings from a recent Harris poll of 2,000 U.S. adults, commissioned by encryption vendor WinMagic, aren’t […]

Bloomberg reports Target ignored FireEye malware detection alerts

By Byron Acohido, Last Watchdog SEATTLE — It’s good to see go-deeper journalism still exits. Bloomberg Businessweek’s has published the results of a two-month drill down by a team of reporters following up on Brian Krebs scoop tipping the world off to the Target breach, the largest publicly disclosed retail data breach in U.S. history.  […]

Did a computer glitch take down Malaysian 777?

By Byron Acohido, Last Watchdog JEFFERSON BEACH, Wash.—Could a computer malfunction have contributed to the stunning disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370? That scenario is gaining a modicum of credence six days after the Boeing 777-200 twinjet, with 239 souls on board, mysteriously vanished over the South China Sea. The Associated Press this morning reported […]

‘Snake’ cyber spying gang slithers into high-value targets

By Byron Acohido, Last Watchdog JEFFERSON BEACH, Wash. — In Greek mythology, uroburos refers to a tail-swallowing serpent. Uruburos, or Snake, is the moniker assigned to an advanced cyber spying tool recently discovered to be the  favorite of the latest cyber spying collective to be flushed out into the open by security researchers. Last month […]

Why F-Secure’s Mikko Hypponen boycotted RSA 2014

By Byron Acohido, Last Watchdog LW caught up with F-Secure CTO and rock-star researcher Mikko Hypponen for a cup of coffee just after Hypponen gave his keynote address at the upstart TrustyCon counter-conference a few blocks from San Francisco’s Moscone Convention Center last week. Hypponen’s  headlining appearance at the one-day, sold-out TrustyCon event closed the […]