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Three fundamental steps to begin addressing third-party risks

By Byron Acohido Managing third party risk still does not still does not command a high priority in all too many organizations – even after the apocalyptic Target data breach of 2013 that routed through an HVAC vendor. But that’s slowly beginning to change. There is a growing recognition of the sprawling exposures that are […]

VIDEO: Why the NIST framework is so fundamental to network security

By Byron Acohido Put aside the cyber threats, which continue to worsen. All any company decision-maker needs to do is pay heed to the intensifying regulatory environment to understand that network security has become a mission-critical operational issue. Consider that the Colorado Division of Securities is implementing 90 pages of new rules to clarify what […]

In the news: intel confirms Russians executed cyber attacks on election systems, officials

(News reports aggregated by Byron Acohido) Russian military intelligence executed a cyber attack on at least one U.S. voting software supplier and sent spear-phishing emails to more than 100 local election officials just days before last November’s presidential election, according to an intelligence report. The top-secret National Security Agency document analyzes intelligence very recently acquired by the […]

PODCAST: Why companies should ‘stop fearing the breach’ — and deal with ‘continuous compromises’

Patrick Dennis_2_900px

By Byron Acohido Guidance Software is among the longest-established vendors in the cybersecurity sector. The Pasadena, California-based company got its start in 1997 by pioneering digital forensics software for law enforcement agencies seeking to extract evidence from computer hard drives—evidence that would stand up in court. Today that core competency remains at the heart of […]

PODCAST: Leveraging cloud services doesn’t absolve companies of security responsibilities

By Byron Acohido When Globalscape got started more than 20 years ago, the internet was in its infancy and the obstacles to making it reliable for commerce were obvious and comparatively simple. Back then, organizations needed a way to securely transfer files up into this thing called the World Wide Web. So Globalscape pioneered a […]

PODCAST: WhiteHat Security’s threat researchers combat website hackers

Ryan O’Leary likes to think of himself as a military leader in command of a platoon of soldiers responsible for wresting control of vital turf before the enemy can get there. O’Leary’s official title is vice president for technical support at WhiteHat Security. In that capacity he serves as the director of WhiteHat’s Threat Research […]

Remember Conficker? WannaCry revives self-spreading worms – with nasty twists

By Byron Acohido The landmark WannaCry ransomware attack, I believe, may have been a proof of concept experiment that inadvertently spun out of control after it got released prematurely. But now that it’s out there, WannaCry signifies two developments of profound consequence to company decision-makers monitoring the cybersecurity threat landscape: • It revives the self-propagating […]