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Heartbleed threatens financial channels

(Editor’s note: In this guest essay, Scott Borg, CEO and chief economist at the U.S. Cyber Consequences Unit, outlines why online financial accounts are most exposed to the Heartbleed coding flaw – and why few criminal hackers are in a position to take advantage. The accompanying video conveys an overview of the state of the […]

Why more steps to protect critical infrastructure are needed

(Editor’s note: In this Last Watchdog guest essay, By Lior Frenkel, CEO and co-founder of Waterfall Security Solutions, points out that some level of work is being done to protect industrial controls.) By Lior Frenkel, Special to Last Watchdog Most computers controlling critical infrastructures are protected by IT-style security at best. The problem is that […]

Why Amazon, Google and Microsoft have little to fear from European privacy rules


(Editor’s note: In this guest Last Watchdog essay, Nicos Vekiarides, founder and CEO of TwinStrata, argues that threats to constrain U.S. cloud service providers may contain more bark than bite.) By Nicos Vekiarides, Special for Last Watchdog Surely by now, you may be tired of hearing about the Snowden effect. While the revelations over the […]

Why, and how, encryption can make the cloud safer

By Jieming Zhu, Special for Last Watchdog (Editor’s note: In this guest Last Watchdog essay,  Jieming Zhu, CEO of AlephCloud, outlines the promise – and pitfalls – a encrypting data to make things safer.  AlephCloud supplies cloud-based security and privacy services.) As commerce, communities, and collaboration move to public clouds, sensitive and private documents should […]

Why it’s time to recalibrate privacy

(Editor’s note: In this guest post, Alan J. Dabbiere, chairman of mobile device management firm AirWatch, which VMware is acquiring for $1.54 billion, gives his take on why privacy matters.) We are undergoing the “Uberfication” of our personal privacy. We freely exchange personal information for convenience. We tell Uber where we are, our credit card […]

How our culture of surveillance dictates our lives

(Editor’s note, in this guest essay, William G. Staples, outlines how pervasive surveillance profoundly influences our daily lives, a topic examined in his new book: Everyday Surveillance: Vigilance and Visibility in Postmodern Life, outlines how we live in a culture of surveillance.) We live in a culture of surveillance, one few of us can escape. […]

Why you must control your own data

(Editor’s note: In this guest post, Brian Taptich, CEO of cloud storage company Bitcasa, lays out the case for minding your digital belongings.) Your digital belongings are yours. Who do you want to be in control of them? It’s hard to trust that the companies promising to store our digital assets won’t access them and […]