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GUEST ESSAY: 5 deadly sins for which companies reap their just reward: data breaches

By Morey Haber I love statistics. They are a valuable commodity in a discussion to formalize a point and validate your position. Many times, others will question the source, accuracy, or even meaning of a statistic to skew the results in their favor. In addition, a statistic taken out of context, or viewed on its […]

GUEST ESSAY: Trump’s Cybersecurity Executive Order is Only a Start

By Robert Ackerman Jr. President Trump last May signed a cybersecurity executive order (EO) outlining plans to improve data security for federal agencies and to better protect critical U.S. infrastructure. I view it as a call to action, more than past administrations have done. This alone makes it worthwhile. But it’s just a start. Much  […]

GUEST ESSAY: Why Trump’s cybersecurity executive order is a step in the right direction

By Alberto Yépez, managing director of Trident Capital Cybersecurity Last May, the White House issued a cybersecurity executive order (EO)—the Trump administration’s first major action on cyber policy. It has attracted naysayers. The fact is, however, that the president has finally plugged a huge hole by putting in place a guiding strategy for our nation’s cyber defense. And his […]

GUEST ESSAY: 5 cyber attacks you will need to defend this week

By David Balaban, director of the Privacy-PC.com project Computer infections continue to pose a major threat to every one of us. Distinguishing between the most pervasive types of threats is the first step in protecting your particular device. Here is a quick rundown of what lurks out there: Mass mailed phishing campaigns. A mass mailing […]

GUEST ESSAY: The case for CISOs to lead through influencing behaviors

By M. Eric Johnson, Dean of Vanderbilt University’s Owen Graduate School of Management How do you lead when you’re not in charge? Increasingly, managers are finding themselves in positions where they are asked to lead without having direct control. Growing and shifting organizations often mean fewer managers with positional power. Matrixed organizations put managers in […]

GUEST ESSAY: Here’s how ‘software containers’ are providing the latest ‘must-have’ security layer

By Rani Osnat, Vice President of Marketing at Aqua Security Container technology enables organizations to build, deliver and run enterprise applications faster and more easily, efficiently and cost effectively than ever before. Compared to virtual machines (VMs), containers are much smaller, start up much faster, and have better performance. Related article: Why companies need fresh […]

GUEST ESSAY: New federal rules — NISPOM Change 2 — address insider threats

By Thomas Jones, Systems Engineer at Bay Dynamics As we have seen in the headlines, insider threats are a constant challenge for government agencies. But the problem comes with one silver lining. Each time a successful insider threat strikes, it pushes agencies to bolster their cybersecurity programs. The National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM) […]