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‘Checkbox compliance’ won’t stop Target-like breaches

(Editor’s note: In this guest post, Vijay Basani, co-founder and CEO of security and compliance vendor EiQ Networks, outlines why passing an audit does little to truly secure assets from hackers.) Most organizations that have gone through a successful compliance audit are still susceptible to a security breach. Management typically spends the bare minimum to […]

How biometrics can revive privacy

(Editor’s note: In this guest post, Robert Bell, CEO of Biometrica, outlines the promise of biometric sensors for stronger privacy. Biometrica is an enterprise and gaming biometrics vendor.) Privacy has never been such a public issue. Social medial tools and channels now dominate our communication habits, and new technologies emerge seemingly every day. Each carries […]

How to cope with the Internet of Things’ dark side

(Editor’s note: In this guest essay, Christophe Fabre, CEO of software services vendor Axway, outlines the pitfalls of connecting more and more objects and appliances to the web.) The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to usher in exciting new ways of enhancing our lives, doing our jobs, conducting business, and more – simply by connecting […]

4 steps to protect your small business from hack

(Editor’s note: In this guest post, David Campbell, co-founder of JumpCloud, a cloud security solution for DevOps and IT pros, outlines the cyber exposure faced by small businesses.) If you’re running your business in the cloud, you’re likely under attack already. Here are four simple things you should be doing: Update. Update. Update. Make sure […]

The corporate key to agility — and cybersecurity

(Editor’s note: In this guest post, Chris Camejo, director at consultancy NTT Com Security, outlines how to get company directors to back security measures.) In a rapidly evolving security landscape, the next critical decision for many organizations is whether to deploy next-generation risk management solutions in the cloud or in traditional data centers. But disparities […]

The case for forecasting cyberattacks

(Editor’s note: In this guest essay, John Pirc, research vice president, NSS Labs, outlines why and how cybersecurity forecasting can help stop criminal hackers.) One of the biggest challenges in cybersecurity today is that despite the evolving nature of attacks and vulnerabilities, corporations, government agencies and other organizations tend to base protection largely on historic […]

How your cell number pinpoints your identity

(Editor’s note: In this guest post, Charles McColgan, CTO at mobile identity firm TeleSign, outlines why your cell phone number is increasingly coming into play as a unique identifier.) Your mobile phone number is totally unique anywhere in the world. Unlike government IDs, which can be forged and are difficult to verify online, your mobile […]