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Imminent threats


INFOGRAPHIC: Data breaches, vulnerabilities spike in first half of 2017

By Rodika Tollefson For the most part, year-to-year this century, statistics about data breaches have steadily grown worse, and 2017 is no exception. The magnitude of data breaches is on track to exceed last year, based on a recent report by Risk Based Security Inc. Already, in the first six months of 2017, more than […]

PODCAST: Former White House CIO — companies need cyber defense strategy

By Byron V. Acohido Theresa Payton honed her cybersecurity skills as the White House’s first female chief information officer, under President George W. Bush. Payton is now president and CEO of cybersecurity consulting company Fortalice Solutions. I had the chance to interview her at the recent Enfuse 2017 cybersecurity conference in Las Vegas. We discussed […]

Q&A: Why WannaCry signals a coming wave of nation-state cyber weapon hacks

By Byron  V. Acohido Companies would be remiss to downplay the profound implications of last month’s headline-grabbing WannaCry ransomware attack. WannaCry was a mere harbinger; the tip of the iceberg. WannaCry happened a few weeks after the Shadow Brokers hacking collective stole dozens of the National Security Agency’s ace-in-the-hole hacking tools. Shadow Brokers futilely tried […]

Remember Conficker? WannaCry revives self-spreading worms – with nasty twists

By Byron V. Acohido The landmark WannaCry ransomware attack, I believe, may have been a proof of concept experiment that inadvertently spun out of control after it got released prematurely. But now that it’s out there, WannaCry signifies two developments of profound consequence to company decision-makers monitoring the cybersecurity threat landscape: • It revives the […]

PODCAST: How ‘DNS’ drives the good, the bad and the nasty on the Internet

By Byron V. Acohido When the internet was in its infancy, numeric IP addresses were being created and assigned in an increasing frenzy, and a way was needed for humans to make sense of it all. So a University of Southern California researcher named Paul Mockapetris, with help from a colleague, Jon Postel, invented something […]

GUEST ESSAY: How more effective auditing could drive security improvements

By Paul Beaudry As networks become progressively complex and cyber attacks increase, cybersecurity has moved to the top of  boards’ concerns. They ask, “Are we secure?” Since it’s never possible to say “yes” to that, they then ask, “Well, how secure are we?”—another  difficult question to answer. And they want third-party validation that the information […]

GUEST ESSAY: A guide to protect yourself, and your company, from ransomware

By Lisa Berry-Tayman, Senior Information Governance Adviser at CyberScout Imagine your business has no access to electronic information on computers or a network. No file shares, Word documents, email, databases or Excel spreadsheets. No PDFs. No applications. No access to Windows. How much would your organization be willing to pay to regain access and control […]