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Obama watch


Spying reforms seek to balance privacy, security

SEATTLE – President Obama this morning left all the major stakeholders tracking the debate over government spying slightly dissatisfied. Given the complexity of the issues, some observers credited Obama for doing a commendable job of attempting to delicately balance privacy and national security. “The public needs to understand that it’s a moving target given the […]

Syria’s cyber retaliation signals new era of warfare

The latest disruption to U.S. media outlets dealt out by the Syrian Electronic Army may be a precursor for warfare in the digital age. One aspect of the frontal assault that ought not be overlooked is the timing: The SEA, which supports strongman President Bashar al-Assad, knocked down websites of the New York Times, Huffington […]

Tech giants ask Obama to help save cloud computing

SEATTLE – Edward Snowden’s whistleblowing escapades could seriously undermine the growth of cloud computing and thus stifle the growth models for America’s biggest tech companies. And that appears to be the reason why Apple CEO Tim Cook, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson, Google computer scientist Vint Cerf and other tech executives met behind closed doors with […]

Obama moves to counter CEOs resistance to cybersecurity rules

SEATTLE — How do you get busy chief executives from a cross section of industry giants into one room, on short notice, to discuss cybersecurity? Have the U.S. Justice department disclose data theft of top celebrities, assign two top U.S. security officials to testify before Congress about rising cyber threats – and then ask the […]

Cybersecurity experts react positively to executive order

With the ink barely dry on President Obama’s cybersecurity executive order, White House staff issued reactions from the security and privacy community, and response continues to reverberate this morning. Below are excerpts. Michael Chertoff, Secretary of Homeland Security under President George W. Bush and Chairman of the Chertoff Group: “Today the President has taken a […]

Obama’s cybersecurity order fosters intelligence sharing

SEATTLE – President Obama on Tuesday issued an executive order designed to get the federal government and private companies working more closely to protect the nation’s critical infrastructure against cyberattacks. The widely expected directive was signed just before the president’s State of the Union address. It was prompted by Congress’ failure to pass cybersecurity laws […]

Obama ready to issue cybersecurity executive order

SEATTLE — Reaction to an impending cybersecurity executive order could be as polarized as the debate that hog-tied Congress from enacting new laws to assure basic Internet safety. President Obama is expected to release a cybersecurity executive order on Wednesday, the day after his annual State of the Union address, according to a report in […]