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PODCAST: How inward focused network traffic analysis can help stop intruders in their tracks

By Byron V. Acohido Traditional perimeter defenses—firewalls, antivirus software and malware scanners—are no longer sufficient. And it doesn’t matter if you are a large, multinational organization or a start-up. If perimeter defenses were adequate, attacks wouldn’t get through. But attacks are, and they’re increasing. Take ransomware attacks for instance. We’ve seen a tremendous uptick in […]

PODCAST: A case for studying the ‘why’ of network breaches instead of just the ‘how’

By Byron V. Acohido Employees often are seen as the weakest link in cybersecurity. Breaches by hackers may hit the headlines, but in many instances human error (or intent) is responsible for the majority of attacks. IBM’s 2016 Cyber Security Index reported that insiders carried out 60 percent of all attacks. Three-quarters of these attacks […]

PODCAST: Want to know what the No. 1 cybersecurity VC firm is betting $300 million on? Give a listen

By Byron V. Acohido In 2016, venture capital firms invested in more startups than ever before. The year saw venture VC firms invest a total of $3.1 billion in 279 cybersecurity startups. This compares to $3.7 billion of investment in 272 startups in 2015 and $833 million in 117 startups in 2010. Levels of investment […]

PODCAST: Why securing networks requires a mind shift in the C-suite and board rooms

By Byron V. Acohido As technology has evolved, it’s gotten bigger and more complex, making the job of information technology departments more difficult. Dealing with Windows, Macs, the cloud and the Internet of Things (IOT) means they have to manage more things in more places. I had the chance to discuss this with Phil Lieberman, […]

PODCAST: Why securing ‘third-party’ risks has become so crucial

By Byron V. Acohido In the past couple of years, third-party risk has grown from a topic only discussed by cybersecurity circles to a companywide concern. The tipping point may have been in 2014 when Target’s point-of-sale (POS) system was compromised, and the details of 110 million in-store customers were stolen. How did the hackers […]

PODCAST: Dell SecureWorks discloses how faked personas fuel targeted attacks

By Byron V. Acohido In the wake of phishing attacks involving Google Docs and DocuSign, corporate awareness of socially engineered cybersecurity threats is at an all-time high. Naturally, this has led to an increase in employee training and awareness. This kind of action couldn’t be more necessary. According to Software Advice, 39 percent of employees […]

PODCAST: Tech advances arrive to help secure legacy industrials control

By Byron V. Acohido Many critical infrastructure systems, such as those that control the electric grid, oil and gas refineries, and transportation, are now getting linked to the internet. That makes them easier to manage and maintain, but also could put them in the line of fire for cyber attacks. I recently discussed the issues […]