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PODCAST: How ‘Identity Access Management’ – IAM – authenticates network connections

By Byron V.  Acohido From the start of this 21st century companies continually scrambled to embrace ever more complex digital systems. Business networks connect an astounding variety of devices than to a vast array of tools and services residing on company premises and in the Internet cloud. An amazing cascade of logons and digital handshakes […]

PODCAST: Does the iPhone’s facial recognition technology go too far ?

By Byron V. Acohido The release of the new iPhone X (don’t call it ‘X,’ say ‘ten’or iPhone X), with its facial identification activation feature, has sparked interest in the latest developments in biometric security. I spoke with Corey Nachreiner, chief technology officer of WatchGuard Technology, about the advantages – and risks – involved in […]

INFOGRAPHIC: Studies show ‘security fatigue’ may trigger apathy in wake of Equifax hack

By Byron V. Acohido There is no mistaking that, by now, most consumers have at least a passing awareness of cyber threats. Two other things also are true: All too many people fail to take simple steps to stay safer online; and individuals who become a victim of identity theft, in whatever form, tend to […]

NEWS THIS WEEK: Kaspersky ban underway for U.S. agencies; Equifax data breach lawsuits pile up; Europe plans new agency to quell cyber threats

By Byron V. Acohido The U.S. government moved to ban the use of a Russian brand of security software by federal agencies amid concerns the company has ties to state-sponsored cyber espionage activities. Acting Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke ordered that federal civilian agencies identify Kaspersky Lab software on their networks. After 90 days, unless otherwise directed, […]

Lawsuits to stop ‘kid spying’ could strir stronger privacy legislation

Dora the Explorer turns out to be something of a spy. And that’s a problem for many parents in the digital age. The long-reaching arm of online advertising for children is increasingly coming under legal assault as parents seek to limit what large media companies, like Disney and Viacom, can conduct in surreptitious audience monitoring. Viacom, whose brands include […]

PODCAST: ‘Web gateways’ provide vital slice of a layered approach to defending networks

By Byron V. Acohido More employees are working remotely than ever before. According to a Gallup survey, 43 percent of the 15,000 surveyed Americans said they spent at least some time working remotely. That’s up 4 percent since 2012. In a survey of business leaders at the Global Leadership Summit, 34 percent said over half […]

INFOGRAPHIC: How humans can be a company’s most important firewall

By Rodika Tollefson Lack of resources is one of the top barriers preventing small- and medium-size businesses from implementing cybersecurity training for employees. But smaller organizations have several advantages when it comes to training—and a much smaller training scope could have a bigger impact on preventing a data breach. There’s no question that SMBs are […]