Q&A: HVAC firm’s logon used in Target breach

SEATTLE – In his latest scoop, investigative blogger Brian Krebs makes the case that the Target vendor whose network credentials were used to tap into 110 million customer accounts may have been a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) contractor. Krebs reports that intruders accessed Target’s network on Nov. 15, 2013 using network credentials stolen […]

Concerns rise as hotel chains disclose data breach

SEATTLE — The disclosure of consumer data breaches at certain Marriott, Hilton, Sheraton and other major hotel chains managed by White Lodging Hotels comes as Congress is getting briefed about how cybercriminals are taking advantage of flaws in systems that collect and store sensitive data. News: White Lodging warns of breach Senators Al Franken, Dick […]

Q&A: Why it’s high time to use e-mail more judiciously

SEATTLE – Yahoo beefed up its network security after being compelled to publicly disclose major data breaches in January 2013 and again in July 2013. Yet on Thursday the tech giant admitted hackers stole data from an undisclosed number of Yahoo mail users; this time getting to the precious data via a third party website. […]

Cybercrooks use stolen consumer data hour-to-hour

While the big data breaches at Target, Neiman Marcus and Michaels have drawn heavy news coverage, the everyday machinations of various specialists in the cyberunderground remain out of sight and out of mind to most people. News flash: the cashing in of stolen consumer data carries on every hour of the day, and this has […]

Obama seeks to balance privacy, national security

Reaction to the latest development in President Obama’s efforts to balance privacy and national security is mixed. Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo, LinkedIn and other U.S. tech giants will be allowed to disclose more information about how often the government requires them to turn over customer data as part of an agreement announced early today by […]

Spying reforms seek to balance privacy, security

SEATTLE – President Obama this morning left all the major stakeholders tracking the debate over government spying slightly dissatisfied. Given the complexity of the issues, some observers credited Obama for doing a commendable job of attempting to delicately balance privacy and national security. “The public needs to understand that it’s a moving target given the […]

What’s next for Target — and its customers?

(Editor’s note: In this guest essay, Philip Lieberman, CEO of consultancy Lieberman Software, outlines the potential ongoing collateral damage for Target – and its customers.) As the Target data breach seems to grow more damaging by the day, there’s a lot of talk about what the repercussions will be – for Target as well as […]