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Q&A: How treating customers’ privacy with respect can boost the bottom line

By Byron V. Acohido In early 2010, Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, brashly announced that “privacy is no longer a social norm.” Not to be outdone, Eric Schmidt, then Google’s CEO, a few weeks later boasted that “the Google policy on a lot of things is to get right up to the creepy line and […]

What cyber insurance and security company leaders must do going forward

By Byron V. Acohido There is a major disconnect, on a number of levels, between information security officers ready to purchase cyber liability coverage and the insurance brokers and underwriters eager to meet that demand. That’s the big takeaway from a new study by security think tank The SANS Institute and insurance industry researcher Advisen. […]

Insurance commissioners take stand on protecting consumers’ data

By Byron V. Acohido The National Association of Insurance Commissioners planted a strong, pro-consumer stake in the ground as 2015 came to a close by adopting its “Roadmap for Cybersecurity Consumer Protections.” NAIC, a professional organization of state officials, called on state regulators and the insurance industry to embrace a common sense set of best […]

Q&A: Is ‘FIDO’ on Samsung Galaxy superior to Apple Pay on iPhone?

By Byron Acohido A day after Apple successfully hyped the ability for iPhone 6 users to biometrically authenticate the purchase of a Big Mac, using Apple Pay and Touch ID, Google rolled out Google Security Key, a new type of USB key based on the FIDO standard. Security Key can make your Gmail account nearly […]

Why certain Heatbleed exposures won’t be so easy for bad guys to exploit

Heartbleed + Android: A Not-So Love Story from Lookout By Byron Acohido, Last Watchdog KINGSTON, Wash. – The security headaches raised by the Heartbleed coding flaw keep expanding. Ars Technica reporter Dan Goodin has broken stories about how the Canadian government and Yahoo Mail have been bitten by Heartbleed exploits in the wild. And there […]

A roadmap for triaging Heartbleed exposures

By Byron Acohido, Last Watchdog The acute notoriety of Heartbleed is a good thing in this sense: it ought to compel CIOs and CISOs to drill down on developing a roadmap for dealing with exposures that could run very deep. The most worrisome aspect of Heartbleed arguably is the fact that  this gaping security hole […]

Heartbleed threat should boost Always On SSL as a best practice

Web site owners who are taking a closer look at their use of the SSL/TSL cryptographic protocols in the aftermath of the disclosure of the Heartbleed bug would be wise to heed the The Online Trust Alliance’s longstanding call to adopt Always On SSL. This best practice calls for using SSL/TLS across the entire website, […]