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Heartbleed remediated on thousands of enterprise apps, dozens still vunerable

By Byron Acohido, Last Watchdog KINGSTON, Wash. – Netskope, a new cloud app analytics company, has come up with a unique metric illustrating the scramble to patch Heartbleed vulnerabilities in widely deployed business apps. Netskope’s technology enables granular scoping for specific behaviors within the most popular apps used by companies and workers. It currently tracks […]

A roadmap for triaging Heartbleed exposures

By Byron Acohido, Last Watchdog The acute notoriety of Heartbleed is a good thing in this sense: it ought to compel CIOs and CISOs to drill down on developing a roadmap for dealing with exposures that could run very deep. The most worrisome aspect of Heartbleed arguably is the fact that  this gaping security hole […]

Heartbleed threat should boost Always On SSL as a best practice

Web site owners who are taking a closer look at their use of the SSL/TSL cryptographic protocols in the aftermath of the disclosure of the Heartbleed bug would be wise to heed the The Online Trust Alliance’s longstanding call to adopt Always On SSL. This best practice calls for using SSL/TLS across the entire website, […]

Senators blame Target execs for big data breach

By Byron Acohido, Last Watchdog Target’s top dogs were raked over the coals at a Congressional hearing on Wednesday. Two Democratic senators criticized Target’s management for not stopping a huge data breach of its systems, citing several missed opportunities to thwart the attack and protect customer data. Sen. John D. Rockefeller IV, D-West Virg., and […]

Security startup Metapacket offers manual protection to smaller businesses

By Byron Acohido, Last Watchdog SEATTLE –  Scores of tech security entrepreneurs, backed by deep-pocketed angel investors, are hustling to match the success of malware detection company FireEye, which recently made founder Ashar Aziz the newest member of Forbes list of billionaires. Then there is Nir Krakowski, a bright young Israeli coder whose startup, Metapacket, […]

What IT buyers should know about encryption

By Byron Acohido, Last Watchdog SEATTLE — Some 44 percent of consumers don’t bother to set a password to restrict access to their home laptop or desktop computers, and only 14 percent use any sort of encyrption service. Those findings from a recent Harris poll of 2,000 U.S. adults, commissioned by encryption vendor WinMagic, aren’t […]

The takedown tale of Gribodemon

by Donna Leinwand Leger and Anna Arutunyan, USA TODAY March 5, 2014 TVER, Russia — Sasha Panin called himself “Gribodemon,” and his evil works in the world of cybercrime have bedeviled millions. Panin is a 20-something Russian computer whiz who until a few years ago lived in obscurity with his grandmother in this struggling riverside […]