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Steps forward


PODCAST: How ‘Identity Access Management’ – IAM – authenticates network connections

By Byron V.  Acohido From the start of this 21st century companies continually scrambled to embrace ever more complex digital systems. Business networks connect an astounding variety of devices than to a vast array of tools and services residing on company premises and in the Internet cloud. An amazing cascade of logons and digital handshakes […]

PODCAST: Cyber forensic technology helps law enforcement keep terrorists in check

By Byron V. Acohido For every horrific act of terrorism that gets carried out there are very likely dozens of plots that get thwarted by authorities using leading-edge cyber forensics tools to track malicious threat actors as that they communicate and transact across the Internet. Nuix is a Sydney, Australia-based company that supplies a well-established […]

PODCAST: Core Security makes the case for penetration testing as an essential layer of defending networks

By Byron V. Acohido The Equifax debacle has a lot to teach us about how – and how not to – handle a data breach. The massive breach resulted in hackers accessing the social security numbers, birth dates, home addresses and driving license numbers for up to 143 million Americans and the credit card numbers […]

PODCAST: How Cyxtera came to bring a security-first approach to colocation datacenters

By Byron V. Acohido Cyxtera is a colocation datacenter business with a fascinating pedigree and a new, security-first,  approach to datacenter services. I spent some time with Randy Rowland, Chief Product Officer at Black Hat 2017 in Las Vegas to hear more about the trajectory of the business to date. Colocation data centers are facilities […]

PODCAST: Cyphort helps companies translate an ocean of network logs into actionable intelligence

By Byron V. Acohido More companies are deploying cyber defenses to alert employees when possible threats to data and networks are detected. That’s a good thing. What’s not so good is that these tools and components can raise alarms so often, a company’s tech team is in a constant state of high alert. I had […]

PODCAST: How Darklight marshals threat feeds, delivers useful intel to enterprises and MSSPs

By Byron V. Acohido The ongoing warfare between small and midsize companies defending their networks against relentless hackers just isn’t a fair fight, says John Shearer, CEO of DarkLight. All too many SMBs are clueless and/or lack resources dedicated to continually defending their networks against determined, innovative intruders. Meanwhile, the attackers are “extremely organized, and they’re sharing their […]

NEWS THIS WEEK: Kaspersky ban underway for U.S. agencies; Equifax data breach lawsuits pile up; Europe plans new agency to quell cyber threats

By Byron V. Acohido The U.S. government moved to ban the use of a Russian brand of security software by federal agencies amid concerns the company has ties to state-sponsored cyber espionage activities. Acting Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke ordered that federal civilian agencies identify Kaspersky Lab software on their networks. After 90 days, unless otherwise directed, […]