Steps forward


Three fundamental steps to begin addressing third-party risks

By Byron Acohido Managing third party risk still does not still does not command a high priority in all too many organizations – even after the apocalyptic Target data breach of 2013 that routed through an HVAC vendor. But that’s slowly beginning to change. There is a growing recognition of the sprawling exposures that are […]

VIDEO: Why the NIST framework is so fundamental to network security

By Byron Acohido Put aside the cyber threats, which continue to worsen. All any company decision-maker needs to do is pay heed to the intensifying regulatory environment to understand that network security has become a mission-critical operational issue. Consider that the Colorado Division of Securities is implementing 90 pages of new rules to clarify what […]

PODCAST: Leveraging cloud services doesn’t absolve companies of security responsibilities

By Byron Acohido When Globalscape got started more than 20 years ago, the internet was in its infancy and the obstacles to making it reliable for commerce were obvious and comparatively simple. Back then, organizations needed a way to securely transfer files up into this thing called the World Wide Web. So Globalscape pioneered a […]

The case for improved ‘identity access managment’ (IAM)

By Byron Acohido Savvy companies are fighting back against cyber criminals by improving their identity and access management programs. Taking stock of and instituting best practices policies for IAM, as it’s referred to in security circles, can lead to major improvements of network security. So says Citrix, the software giant that provides server, application and […]

Video: privacy regulations stiffen in Canada, Europe

By Byron Acohido As a partner at the Canadian law firm Borden Ladner Gervais, Éloïse Gratton advises her clients on legal, practical and ethical ways to protect an individual’s privacy while conducting business nationally and internationally. She has testified before Canada’s House of Commons and other federal bodies and conducted training workshops attended by judges […]

NYDFS cybersecurity rules have teeth, set precedent

By Byron Acohido ’Twas a few days before Christmas 2016, and the banking and insurance industries were in a tizzy. The New York State Department of Financial Services was on the verge of spoiling the holidays for these verticals by implementing an unprecedented set of rules requiring financial services firms to adopt first-class cybersecurity policies […]

Why we need to downplay intense rivalries — to improve cybersecurity

By Byron Acohido Imagine if no one in your organization felt compelled to compete for an operating budget, and each and every employee fully understood and embraced cybersecurity best practices? Sound like a far-fetched fantasy? A security consultancy called New Context Services actually is promoting this radically new type of corporate culture, which it calls […]