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Steps forward


PODCAST: Bringing enterprise-class security services to SMBs

By Byron V. Acohido Cyber attacks on small and midsize businesses are on the rise. To compound the problem, SMBs are becoming the favorite target of cyber attackers thanks to their lack of security protection. The unpreparedness of small businesses makes for scary reading. According to SmallBizTrends: • 43 percent of cyber attacks target small […]

GUEST ESSAY: The case for CISOs to lead through influencing behaviors

By M. Eric Johnson, Dean of Vanderbilt University’s Owen Graduate School of Management How do you lead when you’re not in charge? Increasingly, managers are finding themselves in positions where they are asked to lead without having direct control. Growing and shifting organizations often mean fewer managers with positional power. Matrixed organizations put managers in […]

PODCAST: ‘Web gateways’ provide vital slice of a layered approach to defending networks

By Byron V. Acohido More employees are working remotely than ever before. According to a Gallup survey, 43 percent of the 15,000 surveyed Americans said they spent at least some time working remotely. That’s up 4 percent since 2012. In a survey of business leaders at the Global Leadership Summit, 34 percent said over half […]

PODCAST: How inward focused network traffic analysis can help stop intruders in their tracks

By Byron V. Acohido Traditional perimeter defenses—firewalls, antivirus software and malware scanners—are no longer sufficient. And it doesn’t matter if you are a large, multinational organization or a start-up. If perimeter defenses were adequate, attacks wouldn’t get through. But attacks are, and they’re increasing. Take ransomware attacks for instance. We’ve seen a tremendous uptick in […]

INFOGRAPHIC: How humans can be a company’s most important firewall

By Rodika Tollefson Lack of resources is one of the top barriers preventing small- and medium-size businesses from implementing cybersecurity training for employees. But smaller organizations have several advantages when it comes to training—and a much smaller training scope could have a bigger impact on preventing a data breach. There’s no question that SMBs are […]

PODCAST: Former White House CIO — companies need cyber defense strategy

By Byron V. Acohido Theresa Payton honed her cybersecurity skills as the White House’s first female chief information officer, under President George W. Bush. Payton is now president and CEO of cybersecurity consulting company Fortalice Solutions. I had the chance to interview her at the recent Enfuse 2017 cybersecurity conference in Las Vegas. We discussed […]

Three fundamental steps to begin addressing third-party risks

By Byron V. Acohido Managing third party risk still does not still does not command a high priority in all too many organizations – even after the apocalyptic Target data breach of 2013 that routed through an HVAC vendor. But that’s slowly beginning to change. There is a growing recognition of the sprawling exposures that […]