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Senators blame Target execs for big data breach

By Byron Acohido, Last Watchdog Target’s top dogs were raked over the coals at a Congressional hearing on Wednesday. Two Democratic senators criticized Target’s management for not stopping a huge data breach of its systems, citing several missed opportunities to thwart the attack and protect customer data. Sen. John D. Rockefeller IV, D-West Virg., and […]

Windows XP hackers prep for April 8 end of security patching

By Byron Acohido, Last Watchdog KINGSTON, Wash. — A huge opportunity for hackers to infiltrate thousands of SMBs and enterprises is about to open up. More specifically, the juicy targets include any company or organization still using Windows XP servers, desktops and laptops — anywhere inside a corporate network — after April 8. That’s the […]

After brief respite, spam, malware infections on the rise

Paunch, shown in photo from Russian forensics vendor Group-IB

By Byron Acohido, Last Watchdog  SEATTLE – The major forms of Internet crime are nothing if not  resilient. Consider  what a major advance it was for the good guys last October when the Russian Interior Ministry announced the arrest  of  “Paunch,” accusing the hefty Russian male of being the ring leader of the gang responsible […]

Why Amazon, Google and Microsoft have little to fear from European privacy rules


(Editor’s note: In this guest Last Watchdog essay, Nicos Vekiarides, founder and CEO of TwinStrata, argues that threats to constrain U.S. cloud service providers may contain more bark than bite.) By Nicos Vekiarides, Special for Last Watchdog Surely by now, you may be tired of hearing about the Snowden effect. While the revelations over the […]

Q&A – Why hackable industrial controls won’t soon improve

By Byron Acohido, Last Watchdog  SEATTLE — At the root of concern about cyber attacks against our nation’s critical infrastructure is the profoundly hackable state of industrial controls. Yet, discussion about the abject lack of security in ICS (Industrial Control Systems,)  SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) systems has taken […]

What IT buyers should know about encryption

By Byron Acohido, Last Watchdog SEATTLE — Some 44 percent of consumers don’t bother to set a password to restrict access to their home laptop or desktop computers, and only 14 percent use any sort of encyrption service. Those findings from a recent Harris poll of 2,000 U.S. adults, commissioned by encryption vendor WinMagic, aren’t […]

How an ETOPs failure scenario could explain Malaysian 777 disappearance

SEATTLE – Malaysian officials this morning added up the few known facts about the disappearance of Malaysian Flight MH370 to conclude hijacking is involved. A catastrophic systems failure scenario could still be plausible. I’m outlining it below to spark discussion among avionics experts and test pilots familiar with the Boeing 777-200 fly-by-wire systems and flying […]