Ransomware rampage takes aim at business targets


By Byron Acohido Consumers are no longer the prime target of ransomware campaigns. After years of petty thievery on a global scale – locking up the computer screens of millions of consumers with scams to sell bogus $79 antivirus clean-up services  –  they’ve turned their attention to much bigger fish. The opening quarter of this […]

Why ‘Shadow IT’ must be addressed


By Byron Acohido By-passing the IT department in to order begin utilizing the hottest new technologies is something tech-savvy employees have been doing since the inception of corporate networks. Most often, these workers aren’t maliciously motivated. They are simply intolerant of plodding decision-making and so take it into their own hands to acquire and begin […]

LastWatchdog moves to ThirdCertainty.com

(Editor’s note: Last Watchdog is on the move. On this site you may continue to access my body of work on security and privacy topics since 2008. I’m not done yet. Going forward, I will continue delivering smart content as Editor-In-Chief for ThirdCertainty, a  new cybersecurity and privacy online publication sponsored by  IDT911. Full disclosure: […]

Why computer failure should be examined in disappearance of Malaysian 777

By Byron Acohido, Last Watchdog SEATTLE, Wash. — Malaysian officials — and the  global media — have fixated on the  pivotal assumption that someone must have deliberately shut down the Boeing 777 twinjet’s ACARS and transponders just before, or around the time,  the co-pilot said “All right, good night.” But the facts as disclosed  could […]

Last Watchdog’s video commentary from RSA 2014

In the midst of doing video interviews with 10 different tech security vendors, Last Watchdog’s Byron Acohido met with  MSLGROUP’s Tiffany Darmetko at RSA Conference 2014 to discuss the backdrop to the week-long event. RSA was bigger and richer than ever. Big name vendors like Symantec, Fireeye, Microsoft and Kaspersky commanded giant exhibits in the […]

Why we are ‘in the dark’ as RSA 2014 gets under way

By Byron V. Acohido SAN FRANCISCO — Complexity. That’s the  theme saturating the keynote speeches, workshops, panel discussions and product exhibits at the gaint RSA cybersecurity conference unfolding all week here at the Moscone Convention Center. Tech security vendors flock to this massive conference to drive home why enterprises and SMBs were wise to spend […]

Experts testify on true cost of Target breach

SEATTLE — Target CFO John Mulligan appeared before a U.S. Senate committee this morning to express that the retail giant was “deeply sorry” for losing 110 million customer records to hackers. “We will learn from this incident and, as a result, we hope to make Target, and our industry, more secure for customers in the […]