VIDEO: How CIA cyberweapons are increasingly being used to hack banks, credit unions

By Byron Acohido When WikiLeaks released details about the CIA’s arsenal of hacking tools last month, it was like Christmas arrived early for hackers who specialize in cracking into the business networks of financial services companies. Mandiant, the forensics division of malware detection vendor FireEye, affirmed as much in its M-Trends 2017 report, issued shortly […]

What the insurance industry needs to do to truly serve rising demand for cyber liability coverage

By Byron Acohido Uncertainty about several key variables appears to be causing U.S. businesses and insurance companies to move cautiously into the much-heralded, though still nascent, market for cyber liability policies. Insurers continue to be reluctant to make policies more broadly available. The big excuse: Industry officials contend there is a relative lack of historical […]

Ransomware rampage takes aim at business targets


By Byron Acohido Consumers are no longer the prime target of ransomware campaigns. After years of petty thievery on a global scale – locking up the computer screens of millions of consumers with scams to sell bogus $79 antivirus clean-up services  –  they’ve turned their attention to much bigger fish. The opening quarter of this […]

Anatomy of an attack: Military hacking tactics used against a retailer

By Byron Acohido (This actual snapshot of a cutting edge cyber attack was discovered by analysts at Norse Corp, a security vendor that  has developed an amazing global network of honeypots emulating all sorts of common workplace and home appliances connected to the Internet, with embedded operating systems rife with vulnerabilities. Norse uses this honeypot […]

Boeing told FAA in secret of 737 rudder hazard before 1994 crash

(Editor’s note: The text of this Page 1A news story is being posted here to make it readily available for future reference. The original copy resides in the Seattle Times archives.) Copyright © 2000 The Seattle Times Company Local News : Tuesday, February 22, 2000 by Byron Acohido Seattle Times staff reporter Boeing knew for […]

LastWatchdog moves to ThirdCertainty.com

(Editor’s note: Last Watchdog is on the move. On this site you may continue to access my body of work on security and privacy topics since 2008. I’m not done yet. Going forward, I will continue delivering smart content as Editor-In-Chief for ThirdCertainty, a  new cybersecurity and privacy online publication sponsored by  IDT911. Full disclosure: […]

Why computer failure should be examined in disappearance of Malaysian 777

By Byron Acohido, Last Watchdog SEATTLE, Wash. — Malaysian officials — and the  global media — have fixated on the  pivotal assumption that someone must have deliberately shut down the Boeing 777 twinjet’s ACARS and transponders just before, or around the time,  the co-pilot said “All right, good night.” But the facts as disclosed  could […]