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PODCAST: Tech advances arrive to help secure legacy industrials control

By Byron V. Acohido Many critical infrastructure systems, such as those that control the electric grid, oil and gas refineries, and transportation, are now getting linked to the internet. That makes them easier to manage and maintain, but also could put them in the line of fire for cyber attacks. I recently discussed the issues […]

PODCAST: Why your browser presents a big risk

By Byron V. Acohido While many organizations have set up defenses for malware that could come in through email, the browsers we use to access the internet might be of equal or greater risk. I spoke with Lance Cottrell, Ntrepid’s chief scientist, about browser security—or lack of security—and what can be done to protect devices […]

INFOGRAPHIC: How humans can be a company’s most important firewall

By Rodika Tollefson Lack of resources is one of the top barriers preventing small- and medium-size businesses from implementing cybersecurity training for employees. But smaller organizations have several advantages when it comes to training—and a much smaller training scope could have a bigger impact on preventing a data breach. There’s no question that SMBs are […]

PODCAST: Former White House CIO — companies need cyber defense strategy

By Byron V. Acohido Theresa Payton honed her cybersecurity skills as the White House’s first female chief information officer, under President George W. Bush. Payton is now president and CEO of cybersecurity consulting company Fortalice Solutions. I had the chance to interview her at the recent Enfuse 2017 cybersecurity conference in Las Vegas. We discussed […]

PODCAST: Why small- and mid-sized businesses should strongly consider using an MSSP

By Byron V. Acohido How Armor got started stands out. Founder and CEO Chris Drake was serving as a paratrooper in the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division based out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina, when he was selected to build some of the Army’s first private and secure websites. After his military service, Drake started […]

VIDEO: Why the rising use of biometric authentication is driving states to regulate privacy

By Byron Acohido Using biometrics to verify one’s identity is no longer something you’d expect to see only in a Hollywood depiction of a dystopian future. Biometric identification has been in practical use for a while now, and the technology is getting more sophisticated every day. As you might expect, privacy concerns have arisen along […]

PODCAST: Putting machine learning to work ferreting out data anomalies

By Byron V. Acohido Machine learning has been a staple of our consumer-driven economy for some time now. When you buy something on Amazon or watch something on Netflix or even pick up groceries at your local supermarket, the data generated by that transaction is invariably collected, stored, analyzed and acted upon. Machines, no surprise, […]