Why we are ‘in the dark’ as RSA 2014 gets under way

By Byron V. Acohido SAN FRANCISCO — Complexity. That’s the  theme saturating the keynote speeches, workshops, panel discussions and product exhibits at the gaint RSA cybersecurity conference unfolding all week here at the Moscone Convention Center. Tech security vendors flock to this massive conference to drive home why enterprises and SMBs were wise to spend […]

Experts testify on true cost of Target breach

SEATTLE — Target CFO John Mulligan appeared before a U.S. Senate committee this morning to express that the retail giant was “deeply sorry” for losing 110 million customer records to hackers. “We will learn from this incident and, as a result, we hope to make Target, and our industry, more secure for customers in the […]

Hacking of point-of-sales systems escalates

SEATTLE – Researchers at RSA’s First Watch cybersecurity team have unearthed evidence of another ring of data thieves focusing on retailers, akin to the gang that tapped into the point-of-sales systems at Target, Neiman-Marcus and Michaels. That gang used a memory parsing program called POSRAM. This most recently discovered ring of thieves makes use of […]

Q&A: Why the U.S. lags in use of safer chip cards

SEATTLE – The customer databases at Target and Neiman Marcus were ripe targets for hackers because the U.S. is alone in wide use of magnetic-striped payment cards, which are easy to counterfeit. Come October 2015, the U.S. will shift to chip and PIN cards. CyberTruth asked Jeremy Gumbley, CTO of online payments processor CreditCall, to […]

A market for anti-NSA technology emerges

(Editor’s note: In this guest essay, Joe Franscella, senior director at tech PR firm Trainer Communications, advances the notion that a niche market for anti-NSA surveillance products and services may be taking shape.) Since Edward Snowden blew the lid off the National Security Agency’s surveillance activities, a number of vendors, organizations and individuals have announced […]

Target customers advised to be vigilant

SEATTLE – Target this morning disclosed that the massive breach of its payment card data base was on a much larger scale than initially disclosed. The company said up to 70 million Target customers, not just 40 million, were affected. However, even though payment card numbers can be deactivated and replaced, the cyberunderground can still […]

Consumers wake up to value of their online personas

CyberTruth sat down with Bill Kerrigan, CEO of privacy tech company Abine, at the recent Privacy Identity Innovation conference in Seattle, to discuss the morphing of traditional notions of privacy. CT: Do consumers have to get used to taking on more of a burden for protecting their privacy in the age we live in? Kerrigan: […]