Q&A: Why you should think twice about taking your laptop, smartphone on business travel

sh_device-search_350pxBy Byron Acohido

International business travelers take heed: Starting now, and even more so going forward, you’ll need to carefully consider how your computing devices serve as a conduit to sensitive company data.

This includes everything stored directly on your smartphones and laptops—and everything reachable from your personal computing devices that may be stored in the internet cloud.

Electronic media searches by government authorities already were on a steeply rising curve due to terrorist …more

PODCAST: How built-in application security can improve network security

By Byron Acohido

There was at time 15 years ago when we fully expected the latest, coolest software to come riddled with aggravating bugs. Consumers were trained to expect that the software vendor would fix the glitches in version 1.1 or 1.2.

Software developers today remain under more pressure than ever to rush to market with the coolest functionalities. But those that do so create fresh vulnerabilities that cyber criminals pounce on to breach business networks and cause other havoc.

Factor in the …more

PODCAST: Making the case for ‘people-centric’ network security

matt moyn forcepoint 275pxI first met Matt Moynahan in 2009 just after he left Symantec to become CEO of application security firm Veracode. We met again, most recently, at RSA 2017, just after Moynahan was named CEO of Forcepoint, a joint venture of Raytheon Co. and Vista Equity Partners.

Forcepoint is something of a hybrid vendor. It is composed of endpoint security firm Websense integrated into …more

VIDEO: How CIA cyberweapons are increasingly being used to hack banks, credit unions

3C_April5_Phishing_2017_illuBy Byron Acohido

When WikiLeaks released details about the CIA’s arsenal of hacking tools last month, it was like Christmas arrived early for hackers who specialize in cracking into the business networks of financial services companies.

Mandiant, the forensics division of malware detection vendor FireEye, affirmed as much in its M-Trends 2017 report, issued shortly thereafter. The Mandiant report disclosed how cyber criminals have quickly …more

What the insurance industry needs to do to truly serve rising demand for cyber liability coverage

sh_cyber-insurance_750-640x360By Byron Acohido

Uncertainty about several key variables appears to be causing U.S. businesses and insurance companies to move cautiously into the much-heralded, though still nascent, market for cyber liability policies.

Insurers continue to be reluctant to make policies more broadly available. The big excuse: Industry officials contend there is a relative lack of historical data around cyber incidents, and they also bemoan the constantly evolving nature of cyber threats.

This assessment comes in …more

Video: privacy regulations stiffen in Canada, Europe

By Byron Acohido

As a partner at the Canadian law firm Borden Ladner Gervais, Éloïse Gratton advises her clients on legal, practical and ethical ways to protect an individual’s privacy while conducting business nationally and internationally. She has testified before Canada’s House of Commons and other federal bodies and conducted training workshops attended by judges and members of the Parliament.

LastWatchdog sat down with Gratton just after she appeared on a privacy panel at CyberScout’s …more

NYDFS cybersecurity rules have teeth, set precedent

By Byron Acohido

sh_new-york-regulations_750’Twas a few days before Christmas 2016, and the banking and insurance industries were in a tizzy.

The New York State Department of Financial Services was on the verge of spoiling the holidays for these verticals by implementing an unprecedented set of rules requiring financial services firms to adopt first-class cybersecurity policies and practices.

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Responding to eleventh-hour lobbying, NYDFS Superintendent Maria T. Vullo …more