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Conficker spreads anew, covers tracks and begins pitching fake AntiVirus

Trend Micro virus hunter Ivan Macalintal appears to be the first researcher to identify specific, updated instructions being passed along, node-to-node, among PCs infected with Conficker Variant C. On April 8, Macalintal isolated an infected PC in Korea that was passing the update across Conficker’s customized P2P network. The PC in Korea received the update […]

Conficker stops spreading as bad guys tighten grip on already-infected PCs

The Microsoft-supplied diagram (shown below)  depicting how Conficker spreads is accurate, but dated, and therefore somewhat misleading. The lastest version of Conficker, Variant C,  is not looking for unpatched Windows PCs to infect, according to SRI International and IBM ISS. The bad guys appear to have infected more PCs than they can productively manage, perhaps […]

IBM ISS cracks open Conficker’s secret communications code

An IBM Internet Security Systems researcher, named Mark Yason, has cracked open Conficker’s secret communications protocol — the means by which infected PCs are using Conficker’s customized peer-to-peer, or  P2P,  network to stay in touch with each other. This is a major breakthrough. Yason worked straight through a couple of sleepless nights to reverse engineer […]

Debate over significance of Conficker phoning home on April Fools Day

Many security experts are downplaying the significance of  millions of Conficker-infected PCs initiating an elaborate calling home sequence on April 1. Still, concerns are growing  about the much firmer grip the bad guys are on the cusp of securing on the corrupted PCs, whether or not they choose to do anything with them on April […]

Consumer tips for combatting Conficker

Quicky Conficker infection test To  quickly find out if your PC might be one of the millions infected by Conficker, try clicking to Microsoft.com. Next try Symantec.com. Now try McAfee.com. If you can get to these sites, you are not infected.  But if your browser will not let you access any of these websites, as […]

Countdown to Conficker’s April Fools Day Climax

Two schools of thought exist about what the Conficker worm will do come the wee hours of April 1, 2009, GMT. Some experts, like WinPatrol creator Bill Pytlovany, are sensing that the worm’s controllers will run circles around the Microsoft-led “cabal” of security groups trying to block some 3 million to 12 million Conficker-infected PCs […]

The evolution of an extraordinary globe-spanning worm

Conficker timeline 2008 – 2009 CLICK HERE to see F-Secure’s comprehensive Conficker FAQ. 2008 Aug. 20: The Gimmiv Trojan, which exploited the vulnerability Conficker capitalises on, is first spotted running in a virtual machine on a server in South Korea. Experts speculate this was a a test run prior to it being released in the […]