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Pressure mounts for naming of a White House cybersecurity adviser with clout

Word is that Melissa Hathaway’s 60-day review of U.S. cybersecurity policy  will hit President Obama’s desk this Friday, April 17. Precisely when the White House makes it public will be an indicator of how high a priority this is with Obama, who certainly has his plate full with a few other weighty matters. A leak […]

Cybercrime thriller wins award, sequel coming to LastWatchdog.com

Zero Day Threat: The Shocking Truth of How Banks and Credit Bureaus Help Cyber Crooks Steal Your Money and Identity has just been awarded the prestigious Excellence in Financial Journalism Award for general audience books from the New York State Society of Certified Public Accounts. Z DT is a digital true-crime thriller that chronicles the […]

Beckstrom Q&A: Cybersecurity official explains how he was hamstrung by NSA

The sudden resignation  of Rod A. Beckstrom, the Department of Homeland Security’s senior  official tasked with unifying the federal government’s cybersecurity intiatives, bodes ill for a new age of transparency and collaborative problem-solving in government. Beckstrom was unable to maneuver around, much less partner with, the powerful National Security Agency (NSA). In this stunningly frank […]

Lack of transparency surrounding data breaches not a good thing

In trying to secretly clean up after the series of data breaches of payment card processing companies, Visa and MasterCard are making ineffectual  the data- loss disclosure laws on the books in more than 30 states.  These hard-won laws were intended to put pressure on companies and organizations  to be more accountable for  sensitive consumer […]

Cybersecurity stimulus: $355 million

In moves that should help stimulate the economy, the Obama Administration this week took two big steps toward slowing, and perhaps ultimately reversing, the rapid growth of cybercrime. On Wednesday, Admiral Dennis Blair,  Director of National Intelligence, told Congress that he will assume a greater role in cybersecurity. Then on Thursday, the President released his […]

Banking trojans infest Internet

Banking trojans are inundating the Internet. These malicious programs lay in wait on your hard drive for an opportune moment to crack your online banking account — usually just as you log on. You can get them by clicking on a viral link to a greeting card or video that arrives in e-mail spam. Or […]

Instilling proper cyber consciousness in school-aged children

You’ve heard of the Three Rs: readin’, ‘riting, ‘rithmetic. How about teaching our kids the Three Cs: cyberethics, cybersafety and cybersecurity? That’s exactly what the National Cyber Security Alliance has set out to do. It’s kind of like teaching a kid to look both ways before crossing the street, says Michael Kaiser, executive director of […]