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All eyes on consultant advising Obama on cybersecurity engagement

All eyes in the Washington D.C. security and intelligence communities are riveted on Melissa Hathaway. Tech company executives, military leaders, lawmakers and senior White House officials who track cybersecurity matters are anxious to find out what the bright, young management consultant will advise President Obama to do about making the Internet safer. “Protecting the public […]

Bush administration “a disaster when it comes to cyber security”

A bi-partisan commission of cyber security experts Tuesday gave a scathing review of how starkly unprepared the Bush administration is to stop a digital Pearl Harbor: cyber terrorists knocking out our nation’s financial, telecom or power systems. You can view a webcast of the Congressional hearing at which the Center for Strategic and International Studies’ […]

Botnet scams are exploding

By Byron Acohido and Jon Swartz, USA TODAY Find original copy of this article here: SEATTLE – Two days after actor Heath Ledger died, e-mails began moving across the Internet purportedly carrying a link to a detailed police report divulging “the real reason” behind the actor’s death. Ledger had been summarily drafted into the service […]