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Q&A on U.S. electrical grid infiltrated by Chinese, Russian cyberspies

The Wall Street Journal’s scoop that Chinese and Russian cyberspies have established deep footholds inside the networks that control the U.S. electrical grid ties directly into the 60-day review of U.S. cybersecurity policy due to be delivered any day to the White House. Proving investigative journalism is still viable, WSJ reporter Siobahn Gorman cajoled unnamed […]

‘Cyberinvaders’ crack into Sen. Bill Nelson’s staff PCs — twice

Cyberinvaders, as a peeved Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla. called them today, continue cracking into U.S. government systems with impunity. Nelson, who serves on the Senate Intelligence, Armed Services and Finance committees,  has just issued a statement disclosing that criminal hackers twice this month cracked into two PC workstations used by three of his key staffers. […]

All eyes on consultant advising Obama on cybersecurity engagement

All eyes in the Washington D.C. security and intelligence communities are riveted on Melissa Hathaway. Tech company executives, military leaders, lawmakers and senior White House officials who track cybersecurity matters are anxious to find out what the bright, young management consultant will advise President Obama to do about making the Internet safer. “Protecting the public […]