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Attack scenarios expose need for good-guy Cyber Megacommunity

A “Cyber Megacommunity” of good guys — leaders from government, business and civilian groups — needs to be formed to effectively stem rising cybercrime. That’s the upshot of a two-day drill which threw an escalating digital doomsday scenario at 230 senior officials from industry, government, Congress and academia. The drill, called Cyber Strategic Inquiry 2008, […]

Cybersecurity stimulus: $355 million

In moves that should help stimulate the economy, the Obama Administration this week took two big steps toward slowing, and perhaps ultimately reversing, the rapid growth of cybercrime. On Wednesday, Admiral Dennis Blair,  Director of National Intelligence, told Congress that he will assume a greater role in cybersecurity. Then on Thursday, the President released his […]

All eyes on consultant advising Obama on cybersecurity engagement

All eyes in the Washington D.C. security and intelligence communities are riveted on Melissa Hathaway. Tech company executives, military leaders, lawmakers and senior White House officials who track cybersecurity matters are anxious to find out what the bright, young management consultant will advise President Obama to do about making the Internet safer. “Protecting the public […]

Two ideas on collaborating to make the Internet safer

What do a call for President Obama to create a federal clearinghouse of information about data breaches, and the work of a group called AMTSO have in common? Both are pushing for collaboration among sometimes contentious parties to make the Internet safer. AMTSO – the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization – is further along. This group […]